Pharmacy Tech Programs with Six Year Accreditation

Last month it was announced that Johnson County Community College (JCCC)’s pharmacy technician program earned six-year accreditation from the ASHP (American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists).

Accreditation is for one, two, three or six years… A first-time, six-year accreditation is a rarity,” Philip Schneider,  the Treasurer with the ASHP Foundation’s Board of Directors, is quoted as saying in a JCCC press release (June 18, 2014).

Receiving a six-year accreditation speaks to the quality of JCCC’s pharmacy technician program, which was offered for the first time the Fall 2012.

Let’s take a look at some examples of pharmacy tech training programs that are accredited for a six-year cycle by the ASHP.

Johnson County Community College

Overland Park, Kansas

  • Pharmacy Technician Certificate program (32 weeks)
  • Includes didactic and real-world training in the mock pharmacy where students gain experience filling prescriptions, compounding, interacting with patients and more.
  • During the final semester, students complete a 300-hour externship (half in a hospital pharmacy, half in a community pharmacy).
  • Its pharmacy tech program has six-year accreditation with the ASHP (as of 2014).

Cosumnes River College

Sacramento, California

  • A.S. Pharmacy Technology degree (two years)
  • Includes general  degree courses, pharmacy tech courses and electives
  • Pharmacy Technology training includes classroom study, mock pharmacy lab courses (that allow students to gain real-world skills to prepare them for community and hospital pharmacies) and practicum experience.
  • CRC’s pharmacy technology degree has six-year ASHP-accreditation (which began in 2012).

Northwest Village College

San Antonio, Texas

  • Pharmacy Technology Certificate program (three semesters)
  • Students can opt to complete the program at a slower pace (according to the Student Handbook, they may take three years to complete the program).
  • Program includes didactic/classroom as well as hands-on training and a practicum.
  • Students are allowed to enroll in “Introduction to Pharmacy and “Medical Terminology” courses before applying for the Pharmacy Technology program.
  • NVC’s pharmacy technology degree has six-year ASHP-accreditation (which lasts through 2018).

Santa Ana College

Sanata Ana, California

  • SAC has been offering pharmacy technician programs since 1972.
  • It was the first American community college program to receive ASHP accreditation (1984).
  • Students can choose between three different pharmacy tech training options which all prepare students for California State Board of Pharmacy licensure.
  • The three options, with can be completed part time or with flexible scheduling, are a Basic Certificate (this does not provide all of the ASHP-required training), an Advanced (ASHP-accredited) Certificate and an Associate of Arts or Science Degree.
  • SAC has six-year ASHP accreditation and it is the only school to earn “accreditation with commendation.”

It should be noted that we are not disqualifying programs that do not possess six-year ASHP accreditation. Quality programs exist at numerous pharmacy technician schools, whether they are going through the accreditation process, have received one or six-year accreditation or continue to be re-accredited after every cycle.