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If you’re considering attending one of the pharmacy technician schools in Mississippi, you’ll get the competitive edge in terms of employment.

Healthcare continues to be a driving force in the economic recovery, both nationally and in Mississippi.  National certification for pharmacy techs is required as of April, 2011,  so preparing now will put you in great position for gaining employment and possibly negotiating a higher salary.

Mississippi Pharmacy Tech Career Outlook

As of 2010, which is the most current year statistics are available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were almost 3,500 pharmacy technicians in Mississippi, and this number is expected to increase by 6% in the state by 2020.  Most pharmacy technicians in  work in Mississippi drug stores, pharmacies, and hospitals. Salaries are also strong, although the average pay for pharmacy techs in Mississippi does lag a little below the national average.

Accredited Pharmacy Technician Schools in Mississippi

Community colleges, vocational schools, and pharmacies all offer training for pharmacy techs, but not all programs are accredited. The following pharmacy technician schools in Mississippi are accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP):

Jones County Junior College

Virginia College

Pharmacy Technician Certification and Licensing Requirements in Mississippi

Certification/Licensing Requirements at a Glance

  • Is a Pharmacy Tech License required in Mississippi? No
  • Is registration required? Yes
  • Is certification required? Yes

In order to grant and maintain a pharmacy technician’s registration, Mississippi’s State Board of Pharmacy has set forth the following requirements:

Table 1: Mississippi Requirements
In order to practice as a pharmacy tech in MS, the following requirements must be met.
Age Requirement Candidate must be at least 18 years old.
Education Must be a high school graduate or have a GED equivalent.
Fee A fee of $90.00 must accompany the application to the State Board of Pharmacy ($50 for registration and $40 for background check).
Background Applicant must be of good moral character and must be able to successfully complete a background check.
Renewal Registration must be renewed annually.  $100.00 renewal fee applies.

Requirements differ from state to state. As you begin to explore the career, it’s important to know what the requirements are in the state you plan to work. All information covered here is current as of July, 2013. For more information, be sure to visit your state’s Board of Pharmacy website.

Mississippi Pharmacy Technician Resources

Mississippi State Board of Pharmacy:
204 Key Drive, Suite D
Madison, MS 39110
Phone: (601) 605-5388

Professional Association:
Mississippi Pharmacists Association

Pharmacy Technician Salary in Mississippi

Table 2 compares the average annual salary in Mississippi in 2012 with that of the rest of the nation.

Pharmacy Tech Low Median High
Mississippi $18,300 $25,700 $35,800
United States $20,600 $29,300 $42,400

Salary Outlook by Major Metropolitan Area

Table 3 compares average annual salaries across the metropolitan areas of Mississippi.

Metropolitan Area 2012 Median Salary
Memphis, TN-MS-AR $29,200
Pascagoula, MS $28,100
Jackson, MS $26,900
  • Source Data
  • * All Salary and Job Growth Data Provided by Career InfoNet and the BLS, 2012 Data. Wesbsite:
  • Mississippi State Board of Pharmacy:

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