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The pharmacy technician plays an important role in today’s healthcare. Working directly under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, the pharmacy tech assists clients and patients, receives and fills prescriptions, and works with referring physicians’ offices and insurance companies. Attending pharmacy technician schools in Kansas will help prepare you for a rewarding position in a growing field.

Kansas Pharmacy Tech Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for pharmacy techs in Kansas will increase by 19%* by the year 2020, which is a rate considered much faster than average. Job growth across the healthcare industry is expected to be positive, both in Kansas and across the country. There are currently over 3,800 pharmacy technicians in the state, and most work in pharmacies, drug stores, or hospitals.  The average annual salary for pharmacy techs in Kansas is $28,100, which is on par with the national average of $29,300.

Accredited Pharmacy Technician Schools in Kansas

There are a wide variety of educational and training programs available to future pharmacy technicians, from community colleges and vocational schools to hospitals and pharmacies. One of the most important factors to consider is the accreditation of the school or program you’re thinking of attending. The following pharmacy technician schools in Kansas have been accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP):

Hutcinson Community College

Johnson County Community College
Read our interview with JCCC Pharmacy Technician Program Director, Terry L. Rehder.

Pharmacy Technician Certification and Licensing Requirements in Kansas

Certification/Licensing Requirements at a Glance

  • Is a Pharmacy Tech License required in Kansas? No
  • Is registration required? Yes
  • Is certification required? No


Table 1: Kansas Requirements
In order to practice as a pharmacy tech in KS, the following requirements must be met.
Internship Training may be provided by a licensed pharmacist with a minimum of 2 years experience.
Registration Interns must register with the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy.
Fee A fee of $75.00 must accompany the application to the State Board of Pharmacy
Training period Once registered, all training must be completed within a 6 year period.
Renewal Renewal applications must be sent biannually, along with a renewal fee of $25.00.

Requirements differ from state to state. As you begin to explore the career, it’s important to know what the requirements are in the state you plan to work. All information covered here is current as of March, 2013. For more information, be sure to visit your state’s Board of Pharmacy website.

Kansas Pharmacy Technician Resources

Kansas State Board of Pharmacy:
Kansas Board of Pharmacy
800 SW Jackson, Suite 1414
Topeka, KS 66612
Phone: 785-296-4056

Professional Association:
Kansas Pharmacists Association
1020 SW Fairlawn Rd
Topeka KS 66604
Phone: 785-228-2327

Pharmacy Technician Salary in Kansas

Table 2 compares the average annual salary in Kansas in 2012 with that of the rest of the nation.

Pharmacy Tech Low Median High
Kansas $20,500 $28,100 $38,000
United States $20,600 $29,300 $42,400

Salary Outlook by Major Metropolitan Area

Table 3 compares average annual salaries across the metropolitan areas of Kansas.

Metropolitan Area 2012 Median Salary
Kansas City, MO-KS $28,200
St. Joseph, MO-KS $27,600
Lawrence, KS $27,200
Wichita, KS $26,400
Manhattan, KS $24,800
  • Source Data
  • * All Salary and Job Growth Data Provided by Career InfoNet and the BLS, 2012 Data. Wesbsite:

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